Exclusive: Sometimes I’m Always in Pains When on Heels…Denrele Discloses

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

TV host cum actor, Denrele Edun, really is enjoying his eccentric lifestyle which has helped position him in the highly competitive market as big as the Nigeria entertainment industry.

The competition is very high and he has been ensuring that he maintains that that top spot no matter the challenges he goes through.

He is seen at red carpet events or hosting shows and many rejoice and cream at the top of their voices while bros is busy enduring the pains he goes through with his shoes.

Nollywoodgists.com caught up with the dude at an event and talking about his shoes, he explained that he prefers to go on heels more because they are very colourful.

He also noted that although the heels has set him apart but he goes through some pains while wearing the shoe but he knows how to manage himself through.

In his words, “The higher the heels, the closer to heaven (laughs), high heel for me overall has made many associate themselves with my identity so much and heels are just an extension of my identity. All over the place, you know when you are on heels you are like muah (laughs) and you know heels are very colourful. And I always sacrifice comfort for fashion and sometimes I’m always in pains just like I am talking to you now but I sure always make things work.”