Christians are Trying to Do Jesus Thing with Their Strenght…Actor, Majid Michel

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel, unlike many other of his industry colleagues, is really using his social media handle to preach the word of God to his fans.

The actor has been able to device means of bringing his sermon closer as he cannot go about carrying micro-phones and speakers to moving street by street to share the gospel.

Majid’s topic is on how people behave in the sight of God with many asking and trying to identify with the type of sin they commit.

In his words, “A lot of us try to get hung up on the specifics of sin. Am I sinning if I dance? Am I sinning if I smoke? Am I sinning if I dress like this? We are getting off in the wrong direction. We must start off that, basically sin is having your own way.

“Sin is doing your thing instead of God's thing. You can be a perfectly moral individual but still be doing your own thing. Running your own life, thinking your own thoughts, mapping your own strategy, setting your own objectives and goals. That is what sin is. The tragedy is a lot of us are trying to be "Christian". A lot of us are trying to do Jesus' thing with our own strength. We are trying through our own effort to live the Christian life and it's impossible to live the Christian life.

“There are no two people in the human race who are alike, now if you can't be like each other how in all the world could you ever be like Jesus? How? You can't!!! But you must understand that the good news about the gospel is that whilst you cannot be like Jesus, JESUS CAN BE HiMSELF in you. That's what it's all about. And all Jesus is asking for is the right to live through you.”