Chocolate City Boss, Maikori, Rearrested


BEVERLY HILLS, March 10, (THEWILL) – Audu Maikori, CEO and founder of Chocolate City, a music production franchise, has been rearrested by the police on Friday and taken to Kaduna state.

This was revealed by the Business Development Manager of Chocolate City, Edward Ayide-Israel, who described it as an act of persecution.

“Audu has been rearrested and is being taken to Kaduna as we speak. This is simply persecution by NER,” said the statement by Ayide-Israel.

“Men of the Nigerian Police have again arrested Audu Maikori for charges which are said to border on him making inciting posts about the #SouthernKaduna crisis on his Facebook page.

“Now if you have read the said article you will see that this is nothing short of persecution.

“There is a concerted plan to silence all those who are engaging in advocacy to end the #SouthernKaduna killings.

“The Gov of the state had gone on social media week to make threats that they're trying to link Audu's posts to killings in the area.

“This obviously is a plan to manufacture such evidence as not once have we heard of reprisal killings on the Fulanis. Especially not since Audu began his advocacy.

“We must not sit idly by while powerful men use organs of the state at their disposal to persecute perceived personal enemies.”

THEWILL recalls that Maikori, a lawyer and businessman was first arrested three weeks ago on February 18 over a social media post where he stated that a relative of his driver was killed in Kaduna State College of Education.

Despite withdrawing the claims and apologising, the police said his post exacerbated the Southern Kaduna crisis.