Young Men Needs to Come Learn How to Love from my Father…Lola Omotayo

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Wife of Peter Okoye of the P-Square dynasty, Lola Omotayo Okoye, recently celebrated her father who turned a year older and she decided to let the world know that her father taught her humility which is what she is practicing today.

Lola stated that her father is a perfect gentleman who has loved her mum so much that he treats her like a delicate egg not to be broken.

Looking at the negative ways some men treats their wives or spouse, she made it known that he father is in good position to teach young men of this generation on how to manage their home.

In her words, “A very big Happy Birthday shout-out to the man who taught me all I know today. To the man who taught me to love and not to hate. He taught me never to judge. He showed me by example what it means to treat each and every human being with respect and regard. He taught me to be humble. I am forever indebted to you papa!

“Young men should take a tip or two from him as he is a gentleman and treats my mother with utmost respect. He treats her like a delicate egg. A classy man you are! Papa I wish you long life, good health, complete happiness and peace of mind. Cameron and Aliona adore you. Mama loves you and I love you incredibly. God bless your kind soul always as we celebrate your new born age. I praise God for your life everyday. Happy Birthday Papichka!”