Ladies, Don’t let a Guy Manipulate you into Having S3x…Actor, Ik Ogbonna warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna, seems to be tired of the rate at which some ladies make statements like ‘the man forced me into having an affair with him; I did not plan for it’ etc.

Recently, the handsome actor took out time to educate and warn ladies that if they are not ready to have any affair with any man, they should stand their ground by saying no to it.

IK pointed out that there are some ladies who are not strong at heart as they are easily manipulated by the men just to get what they want and after that, it becomes story that touches.

According to him, “Dear ladies and fellow sisters, I do understand that pressure on you is too much but don't ever let a man manipulate or talk you to having sex when, deep inside, you don't feel like. You have the right to say no and once you say it, act accordingly. Let no one make you feel guilty, you don't own it to anyone.

“Let your No be No and your Yes be Yes, if you feel the guy and feel like you want to have sex with him, again, there is nothing wrong with that as well, let's not forget that women also do have needs. But, you can do it without faking struggle & that fake "no, no I don't want". Sex is a mutual agreed and accepted feeling between two adults and no one has the right to force it on you, but what matters is for you to know what you truly want and act accordingly so you would not send mixed signals. It would make life way easier. It's your body (your house) no one has a right inside unless his invited.”