Music not By Force, You can Achieve Something Great without Music…Sound Sultan Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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These days, lovers of Nigerian music keep waking up to hear some kind of sounds either on their radio or TV that can just be so annoying and they wonder how someone just spends money on nothing in the name of music.

Sometimes, the reasons why some music channel or media houses fail to promote some songs are just because they are not just worth showing to the audience and other issues.

Singer, Sound Sultan, has come out to warn musicians does not truly understand their calling to venture into something meaningful with their life and not think music is all.

In his words while speaking with HIPTV he siad, “The idea of anybody just going into music, If you don’t have any business in music you can do something else and still triumph so don’t just force yourself or people to sponsor what is not your calling so sometimes we need to check that as well.”