Clarence Peters Came from Heaven That is Why he is Good…Sir Shina Peters Brag

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Legendary Juju singer, Sir Shina Peters, has made a name for himself in his own way and he still holds down the stage whenever he climbs and his fingers are still good on the guitar.

He might not be trending like the modern crop of singers but he still has his own role to play whenever he is called upon and he still has his age grades that loves his style of music.

Being the father of one of the industry’s most talented music video director, Clarence Peters, it is indeed an honour seeing him progress and making strong name for himself.

Sir Shina Peters in a recent interview with HIPTV, stated that his son came from him which is why he is so talented and despite being his father, he will so like to work with him if the chance comes up.

According to him, “He is a son, Clarence is ingenious, he came from heaven, despite I am his dad, I respect him and love him so much. If there is any avenues for us work together why not, I will be very happy to also work with him and I am sure he will like to work with me in fact; we are already cooking something together. Sir Shina Peters.”