My Boyfriend While Single was an Igbo Boy, I Never Said I Can’t Marry Igbo Man…Tonto Dikeh

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has not been allowed to drink water since the news of her failed marriage and day in and out; various allegations are being leveled against her.

Recently, news circulated alleging the actress of saying some years back that she can never get married to an Igbo man and that got some of her fans and those from the region wondering.

Well, since no one interrogated her on the issue, she chose to keep silent until a fan was bold enough to challenge her on the issue which she immediately gave her own side.

Read the convo below
iam_princessdiana1 : @tontolet am a huge fan of yours and also Igbo by tribe.. I read in a blog yesterday where you said you will never marry Igbo though a long time ago, honestly I felt bad because I know we d igbos love u and also the movies u feature in.. despite that we are one Please if you ever said that just know that it really hurt a lot of people. you are always beautiful and blessed @tontolet

tontolet : @iam_princessdiana1 No honey don't believe everything you read. At some point I had too many fake accounts impersonating me, saw and heard too many wrong messages via imposters unlike now I have almost all my account verified. Am partly Igbo, I have Igbo brothers. Started making a living from Iweka road onitsha via movies (Igbo land). My best boyfriend been single was Igbo sooo my darling it's all wrong info and sorry for the misconception!!I LOVE IGBOS