TBoss Never Reported Kemen to Big Brother…Family Speak out

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

The ongoing reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, is getting hot by the week as countdown begins on who wins the big prize.

Each week, there is a twist to event of things in the house and who gets to be evicted but this weekend saw a drama playing out in the house especially while they were sleeping.

Housemate of the BBN, Kemen, was disqualified for what Big Brother describes as unlawful act done in the house as he tried touching the body of TBoss, while they were sleeping in bed without her consent.

While some Nigerians complain about the action with many claiming that TBoss reported the incident to Big Brother, her family have come out to speak that she is not behind the disqualification.

According to the statement by the family, “For those who are still commenting in a hateful way even when they did not see what happened. This is a breakdown of the events. You can watch the full video on YouTube or on TBoss Facebook page. The housemates judged Tboss wrongly and later apologized to her for not asking her what happened and taking sides with Kemen. Thank you to the housemates for understanding and knowing the difference between right and wrong and knowing when to back down. (ps: TBOSS NEVER REPORTED KEMEN.) @bigbrothernaija2017 sees and hears everything.”