Marriage is Nobody’s Business…Actress, Halima Abubakar

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, is not taking it likely with anyone that attempts to give her any form of undue pressure.

The actress recently shared some lovely pictures which showed her curvy parts and while many appreciated the gifts of God in her life, some came out to bash her.

One of the fans called her attention that it is not all about posting sexy pictures that attract men but what she does with her that attract suitors.

Read the convo below;
mr.chux1 : @halimabubakar Wen pple men keep saying u look sexy,they keep taking u out. No responsible man is interested in ur backview or frontview so pls add sum responsible responsibility to ur personality so maybe a man can take u "IN" datz wat makes a woman complete. Pls get married n stop all dis girlish pictures.

halimabubakar : @mr.chux1 Thanks but no one will tell me how to pose ,please I have no intention of stopping .Marriage is not your bussiness .Go take care of your wife dude. How is it your business? women issue