I Don’t believe in Divorce but if Prince Eke brings it Fine…Muma Gee

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

It has not been an that rosy for singer, Muma Gee and her hubby, Prince Eke, has their marriage had created lots of controversies which made many wonder what is going on in the homes of some entertainers.

Fine, the two love birds may have moved on with their lives but a place in their hearts still yearn for the best and for Muma Gee, she is not ready to have a broken home.

The singer who went off the music scene for about six years to manage her home believes that things can still workout with her hubby as she told hitv that she does not believe in divorce.

According to her, “I have been a full time housewife for six years even though I have been hearing rumours here and there about the various descriptions but I leave it to God at least for me to have taken a break for six years it goes to show anyone that I was really dedicated that I gave my marriage my all. But if the factors around it or the persons involved are restless then you can’t be in total control. I don’t believe in divorce but if it’s thrown at me, well, I may take it. After how many times of managing the situation that is why I talk less and the social media is putting pressure on me to speak, I won’t speak , I can’t take my private life out there.”