My Diabetes Sickness is Affecting my Eyes…Singer, Ebenezer Obey Reveals

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Looking at music growth in Nigeria, there is no way names will be mentioned that singer, Ebenezer Obey’s name will not be part of the list because he and others have contributed so much.

Not many of his kind are still alive today but his constant growth and entertaining life has been through the grace of God and that he is ready to do till he is called to glory.

The singer recently revealed that planning to turn 75 by April, 2017, he should have stopped music and relax but he stressed that doing such will lead to his death because he has diabetes.

He said the sickness has been disturbing him since he was 30 years of age and have been able to come this far through the grace of God as the sickness affected his eyes yet he has not gone blind.

“I must tell you something. If I retire from music, I would die quickly. That is what I feel. I have been diabetic since I was 30 years old. It took the power and ministry of God to keep me alive. It has affected my eyes but I am not blind. As it is, I would say it is the miracle of God. Playing music is a tonic for me. At 75, all I want is whatever pleases God,” he told Punch newspaper.