Since you Hate BBN, Invest in Other Programmes…Olukayode Salako Blast Nigerians

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Actress, Foluke Daramola’s hubby, Olukayode Salako, is not happy with the way some Nigerians have been ranting about the ongoing Big Brother Naija.

Olukayode challenged corporate organizations to sponsor programmes that tends to add value to the culture of the country rather than seat back to criticize the ones that is happening.

According to him, “WHAT IS BIG BROTHER'S OFFENCE?! Most of us or our corporate organisations don't invest in anything that will promote the values of education; our tradition; our value system or things of human dignity in our country, yet we are condemning Big Brother Nigeria. Nigeria is a secular country.

“If there is any show you don't like don't watch it. And if we don't like such kind of shows, we should now start changing the trend by investing and promoting those kind of events, projects or shows that can dominate the conscience of what we want as a society. This is a society which has been celebrating only entertainers and many of us are here condemning Big Brother Nigeria.

“If the programme is not good for Nigeria, which one do we have interest to sponsor and promote as angels or saintly society?! Or who are the sponsors? The devil?! Or how many educationally inclined TV programme will a company like Pay Porte be willing to give 50 million naira to, to run anywhere in Nigeria?! Since we love to copy everything from the Western societies, what is now the offense of Big brother Africa or is it Nigeria we call it?! What is the offence?”