Singer, Splash Dares Nigerian Army with Skirt Cameo (photos)

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Ok now, the rate at which Nigerians are dressing in the Army Cameo, is really giving many goose bumps after a recent video showing how some Army officers battered a crippled man for wearing the Cameo.

Well, singer, Splash, has decided to test the Army to see how heartless they are as she gave her own Cameo a nice swag as she made the skirt version of it.

Maybe some people may have seen she style before but not many have seen the pleating skirt version of it as it looked so good on her.

Like she said, “My dressing today is a reflection of my mood. When I get to where I am going to, they will know that I'm not in the mood lol.”

Will the Army travel all the way to the US to arrest or beat, simple no, so she has her freedom and liberty to dress in her choice outfit while the Army seats and breathe in heavy Oxygen.