Some of My Friends Never Believed in Me…Kiss Daniel

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Handsome singer, Kiss Daniel, has continued to melt ladies hearts and also gather more fan base with his songs which he keeps releasing at his own pace.

The singer has grown so fast within the space of about two years yet it looks as if her has been in the buzzing industry for long as he has continued to maintain strong relevance with is music speaking for him.

Fitting into the industry was not an easy one even with his first single winning him several awards yet the demand for his more great tunes put pressure on him that when he came out with ‘Laye’ fans an even his friends speculated that he might not last due to the same style of beat he was using.

Well, he released several singles with album launch which has won him several awards and now has just released another single titled ‘Duro,’ which is already gaining massive airplays.

Reflecting on his journey so far, the singer responded to a message from a fan who told him that people never believed he will come this far in the industry by admitting that even his some of his friends never believed in him.