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Lindsay Lohan was in Cannes to announce a new film project

Lindsay Lohan is to miss a court appearance after having her passport stolen at the Cannes Film Festival, according to her lawyer.

Lohan was ordered to attend a probation hearing on Thursday in Los Angeles.

She has been warned she could face jail if she fails to comply with her probation, imposed after a 2007 drink driving case.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told ABC7 that Lohan will attend the US embassy on Thursday to replace the passport.

Before heading to Cannes the actress told Hollywood TV she was optimistic about her court hearing: “It would take me about two and a half weeks to be finished completely, so I think it should go well.”

Arrest warrant
The actress was ordered to attend court by Beverly Hills Superior Court judge Marsha Revel after reports she had failed to complete alcohol education classes.

They were part of her sentence after being convicted of drink driving and other charges in 2007. She was also sentenced to one day in jail and community service.

The actress's mother Dina Lohan has told that she is desperately trying to resolve the problem in France.

She denied the missing passport was an excuse for her to miss the court date.

An arrest warrant may be issued if she fails to attend the hearing.