Leave Us Alone, We’re Old School Lovers…Actor, IK Ogbonna’s Wife Tell Haters

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, made no mistake in getting married to a foreign lady, Sonia, who has never brought shame to his home rather stands up for the family.

While the actor is busy at various movie set making money for the family, his wife is playing the motherly role with her son and also educating people on the reality of life through her blog.

Sonia and her man sure knows how to send tongues wagging when they want to get cozy with each other and they go as far as showing it to the world that they learn each day to understand and love themselves.

She shared a picture of her and man having good time at home only to get bashed by a supposed fan who claims to know the Igbo culture more as he pointed out that she needs to be educated.

Read the convo below;
obinwanne01 : Somebody should tell this lady to stop showing us her ass we don't need to see it, we are not westerners ik ogbonna should lecture you better we are Nigerians and Igbos specifically we have cultures and traditions, that ass is meant to be seen by Ik and him alone, you should learn to dress properly like a responsible woman married to a responsible Igbo man thanks.

sonialareinaa : obinwanne01 original, authentic, colorful, beautiful, unique culture on African continent includes women walking bare chested, half naked, happy and free ,then white people came and westernized them, but as you can see we are bit "old school". Bless