Kissing in Nollywood is unreal– Emeka Okoro


Emeka Okoro is a versatile actor. The artiste, who spoke on his acting career and how the industry is growing also told Daily Sun recently that he has always dreamt of becoming a star.

The actor, who hails from Umuahia in Ukwuano Local Government area of Abia State, said Nollywood which is now a fast growing phenomenon will attain higher heights in a few years to come.

I have always dreamt of becoming an actor right from my childhood days. Whenever I watched American movies, I would say to myself that when I grow up, I will like to be an actor. I met a friend Emeka Kurimo, who told me that an audition was going on somewhere. I attended and luckily, I was chosen. That enabled me to feature in my first movie entitled: Dirty Deal.

It is all about determination, knowing fully well what I wanted. Despite the obstacles, I just have to continue, at least, compared to when I started.

I have played several roles in movies which I can't even remember any longer.But I can still remember a few like The Senator, Occultic Battle, First Love, One Love, among many others.

Embarrassing moment
I don't have any, because I detest living a fake life. I like to be what I am .

Most challenging role
It is the movie entitled: First Love. I played the role of a good and a bad guy. Switching from one character to another was actually challenging. At the same time, I was also on location for another movie entitled: One Love.

Kissing in Nollywood
It is not true.We call it make-believe, because there is a camera before you and there are members of crew all around you. So, there is no way you would go contrary to what the director is saying. We are only trying to be natural in order to convey a message. It may look real, but it is all fake.

The Nigeria movie industry is like a woman who gives birth to a child. You do not expect the child to attain maturity at once, it has to be gradual.The industry is actually growing considering Nigeria's poor economy. People are making their living out of it.

Jesus Christ is my mentor. I respect people, the only person I recognize is Jesus. I read the Bible and follow Christ's footsteps.

It is wonderful to be an actor, but before anything, one needs to be well prepared. Moreover, a potential actor should undergo a training programme and build his or her talent. First, if you have a talent, develop it, don't wait until the opportunity slips. I will also advise people who want to make ends meet at once. It is not a good way of life, one needs to exercise some patience.

I'm yet to get married