If a Woman has Never Called you Father, Sorry…Kolade Oyewande

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Nollywood actor, Kolade Oyewande, has got some messages for his fans especially those who are married as he has warned men never to compare their wives with other ladies.

The actor stated that every man needs to learn to make their woman their number one priority while pointing out that if she has never addressed the man as father then he has not done enough to make her happy.

He noted that men who get married to more than one woman are the ones that use their hand to attract problems for themselves which turns out to affect their children when they grow.

In his words, “Accept your woman for who she is, never compare her to another, make her your number 1 priority, if she has never called you, father, then your caring is not enough...Stop, baby mama...if you can't marry her, protect yourself....your present situation might make you think you rich, two wives, two big problems..if you survive the problems as a man, can your children survive it, forgive your woman now, make peace, forgive your man, make peace.....flash back to how you both met...most parent are the causes of their children misfortune because of decision made today....learn to start all over...you both already learned your lesson...Highlander say soooooo.”