A Woman Can Command Respect When she is Educated…Actress, Princess Joy Duke

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

With the continuous economic crisis rocking the Nigerian economy, some parents have began advising their wards to get a vocational training to add up with their educational certificate especially ladies.

Some ladies are warming up looking for that already made man they can settle down with without asking themselves the value they want to add to the man’s life.

Some are even ready to be housewives since the man is wealthy but they don’t know that these days marriage is all about supporting each other and fast rising Nollywood actress, Princess Joy Duke, has come to air her opinion.

Joy explained that for a lady to command respect in her life, she has to do away the theory if being dependent and get good education with self discipline.

According to her, “Nothing Attracts RESPECT to a woman than EDUCATION AND SELF DISCIPLINE....Always be you.”