The Witch in All of Us

By Melanie Miller
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Witches have been around for centuries. Present day palm readers, astrologers, have the witch in them. Yes, magick lies in their soul. I myself am a modern day witch. I cast spells for other individuals. Money and love spells, are my favorite to perform. One spell that is good to try, is whenever you see a penny on the heads side up, pick it up then place it in your shoe. I have done so and found quite a good sum of money as I was taking a walk alone one day. You just may find yourself a bit richer if you do this little money spell. But never pick a penny up if it's on tales as money loses will follow you. You'll have a greater chance of gaining prosperity, if you find one on the heads side.

Many magick spells can be done in the convenience and privacy of your own living quarters. Choose an area in your dwelling, where you feel most comfortable and at ease at. Begin with meditation to clear your thoughts and channel your mind. Also wicca music or instrumental tunes can be relaxing to the ear, so turn on your radio and take in the harmonious songs as you cast your spells. Use red or pink candles to aquire that special love interest you've been longing for to come your way and green, gold or silver for all types of fortune spells. You can perform your magick any time your heart desires to. I personally find casting spells in solitaire works best and the best hours to actually cast your spell craft is between the bewitching hours of midnight and two a.m. but like I mentioned just a few moments ago, one can cast magick any time they feel is appropriate.

Love spells are best perfomed when you are feeling an abundance of love and affection for the one you wish to romance you. Light your candle and close your eyes, picturing the two of you together. Allow the candle to burn for a while until you think time enough has passed on your spell, then extinguish the flame. You've heard of the saying, ''wear something white, wear something blue," I'm sure you have by now. Well, do just that, purchase a blue ring, it doesn't have to be costly and wear it on your finger at all times during your engagement or even throughout your marriage to make that bond last. You can find a hanky that is white and place in your drawer or purse. A good idea is to have you and your lover's or mates initials on it, for added witch power. Another love spell is to take an apple, slice it into, pour a bit of white cane sugar or molasses or honey will do, just as well and write on a piece of paper, the name of your mate you desire to stay with you forever, place in middle of apple, a green or red apple will suffice. Then put the apple back together again and tie a white ribbon or yarn around the apple. Now, take it by a tree, dig a whole and bury it. Leave it be! This is a spell to insure true love lasts. Only do this spell magick if you are serious about keeping that special person near and dear to you.

Magick is great and fun to do! You can call upon a god or goddess to insure your spells work more effectively. I personally prefer to call on goddess Aphrodite as she is the goddess of love and she is the deity of my choice when casting any type of lover's magick spell. I always make sure to offer a gift such as a bit of jewelry on my altar I created and thank the goddess. She has blessed me with a good husband as I cast a love spell for my mate to fall in love with me and love only me and no other women. The spell worked well, as my love only desires me and tells me he loves only me and me alone! See, magick really can work fantastically and it can work many wondera for you too! So...grab a candle and cast as many spells as you like, but one per day is quite sufficient enough.

Now here is a money spell: You may use coins and bills, then place them around a glass of water. No exceptions, water only! Not milk or wine or any type of other beverage. Water is a sign of purity. Lay your coins surrounding the glass and place bills under the glass. Light a green, gold or silver candle for a spell. Do this for nine straight days in a row. Remember, if you miss a day, you must start all over again. Okay, I'm going to talk about getting your own luck bag. You can make your own such as a silk one or satin or you may obtain them over the internet. I've found leather pouches on occassion at thrift stores and consignment shops. Also if you enter one of these places, look for a brass bell. I've seen more than my share of brass in these businesses. Pick one up if you cast your eyes on any, even candle holders in brass will do nicely, and place on your altar at home. You will need this beforehand, the bell, to ring thrice(three times) before doing your incantations or conjuring any and all spell magick! Place in your luck bag a recent photo of yourself, a rabbit's foot, and these can be found at a carnival or purchased over the net as well. For extra magick, cut a lock of your own hair off and put into the pouch too. Another good idea is to find some seashells and a four leaf clover and yes, they do exsist! You can even use a four leaf clover pendant and have it placed inside your lucky mojo bag. Note: if you can find a real leaf clover, this works best in the mojo bag. I picked one once when I was a young girl, this is even better for all magick to work for you.

Yes, there is a little witch in all of us and magick can be fun like I say but try and cast your spell craft for the good. Magick is inside all of use tis' true and is a gift to enjoy but remember, the greatest magick of all, is love!

the end...