Singer, Korede Bello Saves Man from police Brutality

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Many Nigerians do not find solace any more in the hands of the Nigerian Police and to a large extent; the Police are not even trusted no matter how they try to portray themselves.

Recently, the some of the Nigerian Police in their usual attitude of assaulting innocent citizens in the name of stop and search flag down a citizen who was on his way back home around 9:30pm for no reasons and without having their uniform on.

While the argument was going on since the fellow resisted arrest because he was not sure if the men were real Policemen, all of a sudden, he saw someone stop by and it was singer Korede Bello, coming to his rescue.

They talked for long until the Police succumbed to the singer’s plea as they allowed the fellow to leave also, don’t forget that Korede, has some powers on him as he is the first Nigerian youth Ambassador for the Nigerian Police and he has been representing well.

According to the fan, “I say a very big thank you to korede bello you are truly worth being a Nigeria Police Ambassador, God bless you for coming to my rescue last from 9:30pm to 1:30am. I was driving along 7up road last night when some police men accosted me with an unknown Hilux Van without putting on police uniform, looking like kidnappers/notorious harmed robbers and immediately ordered me out of the car with Ak47 Riffle in their hands and asked me to follow them, which I refused and then we engaged into an argument then I saw passerby came out of the car and to my surprise it was korede bello who stood by me till the end even though they messed me up drastically without no reasons but all thanks to God and thank you one more time to @koredebello #say no to oppression police is not your friend but @korede bello BIG ups”