I Can go Nude for Millions of Naira Because It’s Business…Vixen, Shantel Oyinkansola

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Since the emergence of pop music in Nigeria, lots of video vixens have been seen and as the industry evolves, more talents are being discovered and more vixens are emerging but one thing that has left many talking is the way they dress.

Some of these vixens are being described as prostitutes or ladies who do not have any form of academic qualification and hide under the job to do dirty activities and while some of them end up in the beds of some of these artistes they work for.

Nollywoodgists.com caught up with fast rising video vixen who has worked with the likes of Lil Kesh, Cynthia Morgan, Stoneboy and many others, Richard Shantel Oyinkansola, who happens to be a student at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba, she stood under the premise that they as vixens make more money than some office workers as she led us into the industry and her world.

Read excerpts below;
How long have you been a video vixen?
For about 2 and half years now there are other things you could have done why the choice of being a vixen? I used to be a dancer back in those days and I love being an entertainer and then I don’t really have time for dancing anymore I switch to the modeling industry and because of my shape and all

Vixens are perceived to be prostitute or people without future, what's your take on that?

(laughs), yeah some people take vixens as prostitutes but the funny aspect is that a vixen earn more than any white collar job and as a model or a vixen it’s easier to start up any other career in the industry.

How many musicians have you worked with and have any of them tried to take advantage of you in the process?

A lot of artist actually but none of them has tried to take advantage of me.

How long do you plan on being a vixen?
Till am tired of it because it’s a very lucrative job

You are in the buzzing entertainment industry and you may have possibly seen things, can you marry an entertainer?

Yes but its depends
This day’s ladies just want to be baby mama rather than wife for these artistes why does this happen?

I`m not really interested in such, but I think they want to be famous

You have been making a living out of your job can in the future allow your child to take up such job too?

Yes and no but its depends on her choice
With your kind of job, how do you create time for family, lover and other things?

I do create time when I want and my family always gives me the needed support, so I am happy and they are happy with me too.

If a good amount of money is put on the table, can you go nude?

Yes it’s called business
Tell us more about yourself, family, academic and where you see yourself in the next five years?

My full name is Richard Shantel Oyinkansola, I’m the second and the last born of my family. I have an elder sister, since leaving secondary 5 year ago and I have been hustling my way out and now I decided to further my academics more at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism [NIJ]. In the next five years I want to be in new York film academy.