Singer, Muma Gee Removes Wedding Ring

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Embattled singer, Muma Gee, is still not happy with what has been happening in her marital life with her actor hubby, Prince Eke.

It would be recalled that the actress had some months back had issues with her hubby who was left with no choice but to go on social media to expose his wife claiming she left for Abuja with another man.

Prince Eke further stated that his wife has long neglected her duties at home as he has to do all the work before going out and he even went on social media to state that he is now a single father.

Muma Gee on the other hand has claimed that there is nothing wrong with her marriage as she only travelled to Abuja to promote her musical career.

Well, the singer was recently on a radio show and looking at her finger, it shows that she has removed her wedding band which is a sign that things have refused to take shape between her and her hubby.