My Account Can Never be Blocked…Comedian Baba De Baba

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Recently, comedian Baba De Baba, was under fire after he shared the video of his skit talking about rape as it did not go down well with many who feel the way he has passed the message was wrong.

The comedian had released video telling guys to have their way with any lady they spend their money on and does not want to go down with them as this is a new year things have to change.

His point of view about the video is that if ladies don’t want to be rape then they need to caution themselves on the way they jump from one man to another a this will also help reduce the manace of rape in the society.

Many had threatened to report his social media account so it can be blocked but when the comedian spoke with, he stated that if porn stars account has not been blocked then his account cannot be tampered with.

According to him, “My account has been reported over and over again but Instagram is not seeing anything bad in the skit. Besides, Instagram has not blocked porn stars accounts so you think they can block mine?”