Singer, Alao Malaika Full of Smiles as Daughter Graduates

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Popular Fuji star, Alao Malaika, will go to bed smiling as his efforts as a father did not go in vain as his first child, Alimotu Sadiat Labake Adekunle Saka, was among the graduates at 2017 convocation ceremony in University of Lagos, UNILAG.

Malaika was filled with smiles seeing his daughter graduating from the Department of Insurance from the institution and those goes to show that despite making all the money, he has indeed played his fatherly role well.

The singer can now join some of his colleagues in the industry to brag of having a child who is a graduate and making him proud as he hopes to set up a company for her if need be or get people to employ her.

There is nothing as good as seeing your child grow to become a force everyone will like to associate with and playing a good role in his daughter’s life is what more than gold.