Comedian, Baba D Baba Under Fire Over Rape Skit

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Comedian, Baba D Baba, is seriously under heavy fire after he released a video of his skit where he advised ladies to go to bed with guys after eating their money.

The video shows him also telling guys to rape a lady that refuses to allow them go to bed with them after they have spent so much on them as this is 2017.

When got across to the comedian, he explained that he does not support the idea of rape as the skit is meant to make ladies call themselves to order rather than jump around with various guys.

According to him, “When we were growing my mother used to tell my sisters not to visit guys to avoid problem but nowadays waywardness is now the order the day that shameless parents who have failed in their duties of bringing up their children in the way of the Lord still go to arrest a guy for forcefully sleeping with a girl who is supposed to be in her father's.

“My problem now is that I thought the THE GIRL CHILD ANIMALS (ACTIVISTS) who take advantage of this skit and start teaching girls how to avoid rape in the CONTEXT OF THIS SKIT but they were busy saying rubbish and coursing me instead of seeing the message in the skit.”