Actress, Adanma Juliet Jubilates on How She Survived Fatal Accident

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Pretty Nollywood actress, Adanma Juliet Luke Ozuligbo is currently giving thanks to God for spearing her life after she had a fatal car accident some years back.

The actress, who has been nursing the scar she got from the accident stated that she is happy that it was just a scar as she would have as well lost her life if not for God.

She was full of joy that also surviving the accident, she is also able to return to what she loves doing which is acting and the accident did not leave her bed ridden for life.

According to her, “Today marks 3years I had this fatal accident that almost took my life. Thanks to God I only sustained the injury on my leg I'm indeed thankful to God for showing me so much love please fam join me in thanking the Lord for his grace is sufficient for me.”