Lady Sets Lovers House Ablaze over Failed Relationship

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This thing called love can actually be frustrating for those who fall into the wrong hands as in the case of an aggrieved lady who recently burnt down her boyfriend’s apartment for calling the relationship.

According to the one Victor Ibeh, who shared the news, he said the lady, chose to deal with her ex after the duded told her he was not interested in the relationship due to her attitude as she was not ready to change.

After several attempt to the guy’s life and was not successful, she decided to set the dude’s home ablaze but for neighbours who were able to put off the fire.

The shocking part of it is that the said lady is back pleading for forgiveness and wanting to be the arms of the one that truly cared about her.

Read the whole drama below;
This was how my friend ended his 2016. You meet a woman, you start dating, you offer her shelter, fed her, clothed her and other things. In the process of that relationship, it occurs to you that she has character flaws that she isn't willing to work on and she feels entitled that you must date her the way she is. .

You break off the relationship and she becomes murderous. Makes an attempt on your life. When she didn't succeed, she decides that arson is the way out. But for the goodness of neighbors a four bedroom apartment would have be burnt down. Few weeks after, she is back pleading and expecting a makeup. How possible can that be?.

Who walks back into the lion's den after an escape? Is this the same person that you would have ended up with in marriage? Why does this sound familiar? I have been there before. I have had an experience close to this. When I tell you that evil is not gender specific, please believe me. We have seen a lot. It's a good thing that my friend survived this.