After 14 Years, Pastor Buys Brand new Car for Actor, Muyiwa Ademola

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The New Year has indeed been starting on a good note for some Nollywood actors, like Muyiwa Ademola, as he good deeds 14 years ago just brought smiles to his face.

The actor had acted a movie titled ‘Ori’ which is loved by many but he never new that someone among his fans was moved by the movie and has been looking for him all this while.

Muyiwa was recently in Texas when a certain man of God, located him and gave him a surprise gift of cash and a brand new car due to that movie he had watched.

Expressing the good news, Muyiwa wrote, "ORI" a 14 year old film that keep bringing me fortune. He is Apostle Tope Onileowo. He said he watched "ORI" for the first time about 4 months ago, he wept, started asking about me and God said he should give me some amount(in dollars, he started taking the money around with him because I was still in Naija then. We met when I got here and he gave me the money. Now he said God directed him to bless me with this car. Indeed God knows our inner thoughts. Please join me in thanking him and praying for his ministry Rock of Prayer Christian Centre in Houston TX. Much love sir.”