Your Music is Only Relevant in January…Fan Tells Jaywon

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Singer, Jawon, is currently not happy with the feud always coming up between Nigeria and the Ghanaians over one issue or the other.

Recently, there was a social media between singer, Mr Eazi and his fans over the kind of ounds that is being heard these days and immediately, he was not spared as lots of shades were thrown at him.

But one person that got the bitter side of it was Jaywon, who prayed that it the unnecessary rift ends with this comment, “who this 9ja vs Ghana feud is seriously turning to another thing. May God Help us!!”

He never expected what he got from a fan who mocked him by reminding him to that his music is only relevant in January. “You that your music is only relevant in January want to trend too” but Jaywon could not hold it as he replied “But your generation is only relevant on twitter now. Go and get a life fool.”

His case did not just stop there as another fan came mocking him of trying to get angry over an issue “Jaywon self dey para Person way suppose find way get in career back ...aiye is doing him,” and again he could not hold his peace as he also served him hot “Aiye is doing your entire family. Omo ale jati jati.”