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I had a small talk with Desmond Elliot on his short visit to Amsterdam where he was due to host a comedy show on Saturday 27/05/06.
Even though he had very little time to get ready for the show, he was still kind enough to give us audience and didnt fail to make us laugh, I'm sure he would have made a good replacement if the invited comedian Ogolosinger had not turn up. I also noticed from his show that night that he seem like a serious Ibo businessman and true enough it turned out that one of his parent is indeed from Ibo

Oremi: I know you do not have enough time, so I'm just going to round all my questions to just one statement and that would be that you tell us about you, your work.

My name is Desmond Olushola Emeka Elliot, I'm 30 something, married to a wonderful, understanding and loving woman, who is also my friend. We have being married for 3 years and she is very happy. I must confess that we do have our ups and downs like every other married couple, but we always get by. We have good communication thing going for us but God is our center and if you have that, you dont need anything else.
I read economics but I find acting a more satisfying job. It has being a long road in this acting thing and it hasn't always been rosy but I'm getting by and I'm still standing and my gratitude for that goes to my fans, family, friends but most of all GOD cause without HIM i wont be here.

This is my first time in the Netherlands, its a bit cold and really wet so far, but i have met lots of nice people and that has made it worthwhile. I have already been to Rotterdam, Hague, Zoetermeer, Amsterdam and Alfijn and de Rijn im not even sure i pronounced them properly but you will fill the blanks. I have met loads of fans, even foreigners and its been really encouraging that people outside the country appreciate our work, that's really impressive and I'm sure the movie industry at home feels the same.
I like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my fans for the encouragements and support they have being given us please dont stop.

My advice to anyone who wants to be an actor, home movies or foreign movies,
is that you should start from wherever you are, because its hard to find a particular actor in the midst of plenty and like any other job, your best bet is a reference, so if you have something to show for your experience then it will mark you out from the rest.
Try not to be discouraged, cos maybe your standing after that fall might just be the lift you need to get up there.
God bless you all and thank you for talking to me...
and its be and even though i have only spent a full day, i met some nice people