By NBF News

Regrettably, under the current dispensation of Nigerian democracy, roguish and laughable politicking reminiscent of the episode dramatized in a comic show, seem to have taken the driver's seat in most of the PDP controlled states.

Interestingly however, other political parties like the All Peoples Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra state, the Action Congress under Adams Oshiomhole's Edo and Fashola's (AC) Lagos, as well as Segun Mimiko's Labour Party in Ondo state are entirely a different kettle of fish in their modus operandi.

Relatively, in the states mentioned, their various leadership have modestly attempted to be fair and just in managing their membership drive, maintained internal democracy and above all, they have individually and collectively stepped up efforts to run an all-inclusive and people-oriented government.

As products of people's goodwill that emerged from popular votes, they believed that good governance is a key cornerstone for a sustainable democracy. And that is a fact.

This requires involving all sheds of interests in a society, reaching a broad consensus on what is in the best interest of the generality of the people and how it can be achieved. And these requirements are almost perfected in these states, no wonder they are succeeding progressively in their states. But the Peoples Democratic Party leadership at all tiers in the contrary, has abused these noble and cherished principles of an enduring democracy. The signs are visible.

As reported in the media, the highest organ of the party in particular had been criticized persistently for disdain for due process. It had selfishly enthroned the culture of impunity as epitomized by flagrant disregard for ethics of democracy and good governance.

The consequence is the ongoing hullaballo and mistrust among its members nationwide, systematically tearing apart the wide umbrella, which the party intends to use to cover its members against the hot political climate oozing out ahead of 2011. Before 1999, election of candidates for elective offices was the prerogative of political parties. Normally, winners of such primaries, eventually square up with candidates of other political parties.

That is the beauty of democracy, which has been alien to the ruling party in the past. One case in reference is the disregard to all-inclusive governance, coupled with insensitivity to member's constitutional demands, demonstrated by the PDP high command in Adamawa in 2007. This is one issue that will continue to dominate the political history of the state for sometime to come.

Factionalisation of the party, and other internal squabbles, among its members especially with regard to the Turaki Adamawa triumphant comeback, to the party, recently, maybe a big factor against itself.

An equally fractious burden to the success of the party in the forth coming elections in the state is Senator Jubril Aminu. Though he is well read but the octogenarian professor of medicine is highly controversial, especially since his defection from ANPP to PDP barely 30 days before the 2003 general elections, which brought him to political limelight.

The Senator's political behaviour is alien to the wishes of the people in the state. Being a former Vice Chancellor in an ivory tower, a two-time Minister and a political appointee by successive administrations, it is my considered opinion that the Senator will do himself and the political landscape in Adamawa a lot of favour, if he excuses himself from active politics at the end of his tenure in NASS next year. He shouldn't indoctrinate the younger generation with his archaic politicking which is an ill-wind that blows no one any good.

One of the aggrieved candidates that was shut out of the governorship contest in 2007, angrily thundered 'with a life circumscribed by paradoxes, the Senator who worked in concert with the former State Secretary of the party, Aliyu Idi Hong, are the most suspicious political figures in terms of subverting the people's mandate in Adamawa.

Their inordinate quest for power has created for them strange personae in the eyes of the public, which presents them as power mongers out to establish themselves as political godfather orientating his godson and plant him (the latter) on the people without following due process. They will be resisted by the people.

They should also be reminded that political office is not merely for its glamour, it is for service to humanity.

As neither of the duos of the Senator and his godson's constituency has enjoyed federal presence in their various offices so far, they will surely incur the wrath of the electorate very soon. For as professed by Nicollo Machiavelli 'the best protection available to any leader is to avoid being hated by his people. There is no amount of fortress which can withstand the wrath of the people'.