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How I resist men’s advances– Hip-hop singer, Isioma Eboime


Pretty and talented musician, Isioma Aivi Eboime, a.k.a Quincy, is gradually carving a niche for herself in Dakar, Senegal where she is showcasing her talent as R&B and hip-pop singer. Quincy is currently working on an album in which she intends to make Nigeria proud. She has also advised Nigerians to learn how to enjoy music in order to reduce stress. The artiste who was in Lagos recently spoke on her career and Nigerian music industry generally.

My name is Isioma Aivi Eboime, I am an indigene of Agbor, Delta State. I am 24 years old, a singer and model and I hope to go into acting soon. I've been to Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire among other countries.At present, I am based in Dakar, Senegal, working on a project. I want to set up a dancing club where people can come in and express themselves. I also perform with a band called Blaise.

Career choice
I have been singing right from my childhood days. I have a good voice. I also have the flair for acting and I've got good looks. That, perhaps, is my greatest advantage.

Why I prefer West Coast
I chose to operate from the West Coast because of the value they place on entertainment, particularly music. I know that music is much embraced in Nigeria but it means much more to our folks on the other side. In a nutshell, one can say that other African countries respect music more. I think that that has to do with the fact that they love to relax more. They tend to take life easier than Nigerians. It might also surprise you to know that our brothers and sisters on the other side are more sophisticated musically.

Nigeria's music industry
A lot of things are happening in the music-cum-entertainment industry right now. This is quite reassuring. A lot of new acts are emerging and they are doing well for themselves and for the country. Nigerian musicians are churning out world class music and winning awards here and there. But that is still a far cry from what can be achieved, considering the abundant talents we have in this country.

I believe that the Nigerian music industry is witnessing a restricted growth because of the poor state of the economy. I think that when the economic situation improves, every sector will be the better for it. Certainly, it is not yet uhuru. Unlike what obtained in the past when the music community was largely made up of school dropouts and scum of the earth, many of today's performers are highly educated and sophisticated. So, one can safely say that there is real hope of greater stars to emerge.

Catch them young
There are very many talented young people out there whose potentials are not being fully ulitlized because of their economic background. It will not be in the interest of our music for talents to lie fallow and waste away. My position, therefore, is that the budding artistes should be sponsored and encouraged. Recording companies and producers should give them the opportunity to exhibit their talents. Our businessmen should invest more in budding talents. Most importantly, government should pay more attention to the industry because it has the capacity to generate huge foreign exchange for the country. Also, by catching them young, we will succeed in taking many of them off the streets.

There are quite some challenges one has to contend with particularly for someone operating in a foreign environment. First and foremost, there is the challenge of competition. There are real good singers out there but one have to be confident and remain steadfast.

There is also the challenge of facing the crowd and meeting their expectations. You also have to remain focused so as not to be distracted by irritants and those who do not wish you well. I equally deal with the challenge of singing in the local dialects of the people. In addition, there is the challenge of being sexually harassed. It is your ability to handle these things that makes the difference.

Handling sexual advances
It is in every profession, men would want to have you, but you've got to be yourself. If you don't want a relationship, stamp your feet down. It is not dignifying for you to sleep with every man that comes your way. I don't mess around and I don't encourage any lady to mess around no matter the enticement or harassment.

My kind of music
I play good music. I don't play a particular genre of music but good music. I sing gospel songs. I am also into R & B, hip hop and jazz. Talking about instruments, I play piano, guitar and a bit of saxophone.

I give the message of hope in my songs. I tell people not to give up no matter the situation. I encourage people to carry on, to always give their best and to love. You know that love makes the world go round. And most importantly, I urge people to say no to crime or engage in negative acts. I generally advocate better society. My debut album is in the making and I hope to make an eloquent statement with it. I hope to make my country proud with music.

Piracy is not a Nigerian or an African problem, it is a universal problem. It could, however, be said that it has more telling effect in these parts. But one can say that the situation is getting better. There is more awareness about the evil of piracy and the authorities are responding more positively. I believe some people know those who do these things. They are not spirits. They should be dealth with. I give kudos to PMAN for their efforts but more can be done.