Why Ibori will be extradited to the UK

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James Ibori
James Ibori
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James Ibori
Contrary to speculations amongst cronies of James Ibori that he cannot be extradited to the United Kingdom UK, pointblanknews.com can confirm that the Treaty to extradite wanted criminals was signed between the United Arab Emirate (UAE), and the UK in 2006.

Feelers from UAE indicate that the Metropolitan Police and the EFCC will file a joint application for Ibori's extradition on monday. The EFCC had last week dispatched operatives to Dubai to work with the MET police on Ibori's case.

It was also leanrt that the MET has given the EFCC court records of Ibori's alleged conviction in the UK.

The Treaty was signed between British Home Secretary,  John Reid and UAE's Justice minister, Mohammed Al Dhaheri. They signed two bilateral Treaties on Extradition of Common Criminals and on mutual legal cooperation in civil, criminal and commercial matters.

Article 9 of the Treaty however sets out conditions under which extradition requests is denied. An accused may not be extradited if he/she is a citizen of the country or if the crime committed is of political nature.

If the extradition sails through monday, either the UK or Nigeria will take him.