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Despite the proliferation of magazines in the market, another lifestyle magazine has hit the Nigerian market. Uzuri, which means beautiful in Swahili language, is set to make a difference in the media industry. The aim is to celebrate beauty. 'Our unique selling point is 'bringing out the best in you', says Mrs. Linda Okome, the Publisher of Uzuri Lifestyle'.

She said too often, perceptions of Africans have been shaped and led by driving forces without their existential experience and no one knows better than us the beauty that is innate in the African. Therefore, trumpeting that beautiful side of the African shall be the the publication's guide principle, she said.

Uzuri Lifestyle is an African magazine aimed not at looking at the dark side of human nature that all races possess, but rather simply focusing on the beautiful side of Africans, cherishing that side and nurturing it.

A bi-mothly magazine, Uzuri focuses on true life story and in a critical way. It publishes shocking stories in a very unique way.

On what inspired her, Mrs. Linda Okome said she was insired to come out with the publication by the inadequate reading materials in the country and the fact that she has a good reading culture. 'I read a lot and I like information because information is power. I laso want to get information when I want. People also need to know what is happening in their environment and the materials we have here are not enough. I have been out there in America and this is my second year in Nigeria. When I came back I discovered that the magazines here are mostly on fashion and style. So, I decided to do something different'.

Uzuri is a lifestyle magazine with captivating contents which range from sizzling cover stories to must-read articles on intimacy, health, beauty, fashion, true life stories and entertainment, as well as opinions.

On why she used Uzuri, a Swahili language, the publisher said it is because she wanted something African and not Nigerian so that it will not be perceived as a tribalistic publication.