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Henry Dayo Alayande is the founder and owner of Henry Black Productions based in Amsterdam. Henry Black Productions is a group of companies among which falls

What's the vision behind

I have the intention of taking the Nigerian Film industry to the next level and make it a match to Hollywood and Bollywood. We are striving to improve quality, distribution channels and sales.
We want to make it possible for people to find every bit of information available about Nigerian films on our website. Also we are working at making it possible to buy online. By improving the distribution channels, we intend to combat piracy.

How was created?

We started two years ago. There was a concept that started to be developed by a webmaster.

What's your background?

My name is Henry Dayo Alayande and I am a Nigerian. I studied at Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State. I majored in Audit and Accounting. I am the eldest child of a family of 6, I am married and have two daughters.

How do you see Nollywood ten years on?

Up there internationally with all other film industries. We are trying to work out our problems, namely those related to the quality of the sound. We are working at getting better audio equipment.

Where does Nollywood stand on the international scene?

We have long crossed African boundaries. There is a definite identity and originality to the Nollywood products to stir up curiosity around the world.
And also, people may really be fed up with the Hollywood shootings and killings that so characterise those productions. We use a minimum of computerisation and what you see on the screen is what really happens. That's what people like.

What are the shortcomings of Nollywood?

First of all, the Marketing aspect of Nollywood is extremely poor. The distribution network is exclusively concentrated on the Lagos-Aba-Onitsha axis. And that's it. In a nation of more than 120 million people, this is all the network that exists!
The people up North don't have any kind of network serving them, they have to travel to come buy the movies down South.
On the other hand, the rate of production is too frantic. Too many movies are being produced on a weekly basis and the quality deeply suffers from those great numbers.

What's the remedy?

The Censor Board should definitely control the releases and slow them down for the sake of better quality. They approve of the contents but not of the release date, that is absolutely necessary.

What's your opinion on the ban?

Point of correction, the word ban is wrong. I would rather use the words “blacklisting” or “exclusion” which are more appropriate. The reason is that nobody really has the power to ban anyone.
Having said that, I am all for it. The actors and actresses who were “banned” deserved it because of their attitude. It wasn't all about them asking sky-high salaries, it was also about broken engagements, lack of respect and bad attitude. It was about the lack of professionalism.
Some actors would be shooting on two locations at the same time, some scrip writers would sell a script to more that one producer and so on. I believe this year of inactivity has straighten all of them out so that we can continue working in better conditions and respect of one another.

What are the changes needed in Nollywood?

Everything is on vcd today, but the sound quality of a vcd is lower than the quality of a cd. We are into subtitles as well in foreign languages like French and Dutch.

Where do you see in 10 years from today?

We are striving at building the most comprehensive website about Nollywood. Anything you are looking for on this subject should be found here.

Do you have a role model in Nollywood?

Are you trying to push me out of business? (laughs). I still need to work with many people in Nollywood, so I will not answer that. (laughs)
My father is truly my role model, I consider him with the highest respect. He also works in the entertainment business and he's always brewing news ideas and he's full of creativity. I took after him.

What are achievements this far?

We produced “Saving the Crown” in 2004. And also co-produced “Sin of Seduction”. We are actively working at subtitling the movies in foreign languages. We also buy the rights of the movies and repackage the dvd.

What's in the pipes for 2006?

The main project this year is electronic sales: pay-per-view and legal downloads of the movies. The improvement of our distribution network is also on the agenda.

Thank you for your time.

It was my pleasure.