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God Can’t Send Angels to Save Nigeria Get That…Charly Boy Blast Christian Prayer Warrior

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Popular social commentator and singer, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy, is not giving the citizen of his country any form of breathing space as he ensures that he uses every medium to voice what he perceives is the truth.

Charly Boy is not new to challenging any given government of the day and its citizens but it seems as things get bad each day, he is being triggered to blow hot and attack those involved.

This time around, he is not ready to spare those in the Christian world who believes that the problem of Nigeria can only be solved through prayers.

Read part of his opinion below;
Which kin Mumu thinking be that. Only Prayers Can Save Nigeria?

Our Docility is Killing our Humanity; Our indifference is Enabling Corruption in Governance and our Silence is Creating Political Monsters with the Audacity for Impunity and Criminality.

Mr Prayer warrior, if prayers can save Nigeria, pray tell. Why are there millions of frustrated Naijas? Has prayers reduced our poverty? Has our prayers killed most of our evil leaders who have caused us great hardship? Has our prayers stopped the everyday increment in our cost of living? Why are so many young people committing suicide these days?

Our Mumu never Do? Shey all we do is to endure and adjust as usual. When asked, how are you, you answer like a cracked CD, " It is Well" How can it be well when you sit in your corner and never contribute to making it well, when all you do is dry fasting and the internet. And all you have to offer as a solution to your problem is, "God Dey.

See you, Dat one no be poor man prayer? and you wan form Big Boy. Sorry.

When your lazy ass is home 24/7, living on your phone, laptop burning your data as if your life depends on it. Purging many Naijas with your terrible English and your ignorant useless comments, hoping it will be well in Jesus name with the loudest chant of amen...

Who you dey deceive. My people, take it from me, Jesus is not coming any time soon. Forget it. God is not sending down Angels to come and fix Nigeria for us.

Fraustrated and religious Naijas, Abegi make una park well. We are not living in biblical times.

Tell me where what happened in the Bible has happened in today’s world, because many will use the bible as their book of reference as if we still live back in the days.