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Basketmouth Reveals Why celebrity Marriages Don’t Last

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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These days, all in the name of being a celebrity, lots of Nigerian celebs have not been crying seriously over their failed marriages all because they have expose too much on social media and one of such person who has same perception is comedian Basketmouth.

Basketmouth, who has monitoring the challenges some of his fellow entertainers were going through decided to speak up for the first time about relationships making it known that where some of them get it wrong is by exposing too much to the public.

He pointed out that no matter the amount of love couples have for each other, it is better they keep it to themselves rather than exposing it to the world which can be very risky.

According to him, “No matter how perfect and cute you think your relationship is, over exposure on social media might ruin it. If you think you you've found a good thing, keep it between you, him or her, family, close friends and God. It becomes a drag when PDA is excessive; keeping your relationship mysterious is more exciting. But then again....what do I even know? I just might be totally wrong.”