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Celebs Snub Fans but Come Begging Them for Money for Kidney Transplant…Actor, Emma Blaq

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Handsome Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Emoabino better known as Emma Blaq, is currently not happy with the way some of his colleagues act when they step outside and fans comes to greet them asking for photo session.

The actor, who recently experienced a firsthand ugly scene from his colleague at an event, wrote that what affects them is pride which does not take them far.

In an anger tone, he pointed that some of these celebs that snub fans they are the one that will later have challenges like kidney failure then they will run back to the same fans they snubbed to solicit for help.

According to him, “Ok I have to say this because it's getting too much. I am with a colleague and what I just experienced now is too much of Pride. Your fan sees you for the first time and she is excited to come close to you to say hi and the next thing you just snob her like she is one dirty creature. Why? This kind of pride is the one God says he will elbow out of the way. We feel too proud to talk to these people because we think we are mini god and when you loose a kidney you begin to beg the same people to donate money to spare your life. I don't understand.”

Hmm, have you had any such experience before, you can share here let's know more about these celebs attitudes.