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Never Fall in Love for Beauty or Money…Tonto Dikeh

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Since getting married, pretty Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has been living a very humble lifestyle that she tries to create out time to dish out some advices to her teaming fans.

The actress has had her fair share of failed relationship until she found the man after her heart and that has enabled her learn more of what true love is all about.

Creating awareness on what true love is all about, she warned that every individual has someone that will always love and appreciate them for who they are and as such, there is need to watch before falling in love.

She further warned that people should love for the right reason and not for the money involved or the beauty behind it as nothing good comes easy.

Read her opinion below;
I'm not sure why but we all do it. Many beings waste years of their lives, chasing after people they can't have, or lifestyles that aren't sustainable, for reasons we don't know. You can't have a person, either they will f*ck with you, or they won't. Nobody is out of your league, they just don't want you in their life.

We are all human so we all make mistakes, but a mistake made twice is a choice.

Try not to seek the best looking, or those with the most money, for these are superficial ideas and money doesn't make you happy. You make you happy, so if you are in a situation with a person and you have the freedom to choose, but you are unhappy, this is your fault not theirs.

Stop wasting your time.
Leave the situation. You should be looking for someone who shares sympathetic vibrations.

Someone who is on your wavelength, someone who can share the same frequency as you. Everything is a vibration, positive or negative. All elements are made up of atoms. And these are made up of a nucleus, protons (positive), neutrons (no charge) and electrons (negative).

Opposites attract but if someone is in a negative space, you being in a positive space, isn't necessarily going to help them and vice versa. You choose your own happiness, as you can choose the people you are around. (Obviously free from war, famine, poverty, drought, oppressive systems of government/religious opinions, disease etc) If you aren't happy within yourself, you can't be truly happy around others. Health is not just physical. I think this is why people Who know me love me, because I am happy and I love people. Don't chase waterfalls, on the surface they appear beautiful, but they are usually hiding rocks that will kill you. #POKOBARS"