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Apostle Suleiman Johnson Cleared all My Medical Bills, I Never Had Any Kidney Transplant…Leo Mezie

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Handsome Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie, some months back get his fans and Nigerians at large worried and scared after the news of his kidney ailment broke out and without wasting time, despite the situation of the country, Nigerians came out to show their support for the actor.

Many had wondered how he was going to pull through considering some actors that have passed away through same process after transplant was done but in Leo’s case, it was more of seeing the hand of God in action and even doctors who believe more in science, saw that there is God in the life of every human.

Leo who returned into the country in November 15th, 2016, after he had gone to the United Kingdom for treatment, was filled with joy as he spoke with the media for the first time about his journey both in Nigeria and outside the country and the miracle that took place. Thanking everyone that showed love and support, he could not hide how much respect he had for Apostle Suleiman Johnson of Mega Fire Ministries for totally taking over everything he needed.

Read his thanksgiving speech below;
Appreciating the God for the Journey so far;

Distinguished gentlemen, I thank you all for coming for this brief chat but first of all, I will start by giving appreciation to those that really deserves my appreciation and the biggest appreciation I will give is to the almighty God despite sins and short comings, he still finds me worthy to receive his mercies. I give all the glory to God almighty who heard all prayers and I don’t know why he chose to give me a second chance but I believe it’s for me to serve him this time around in everything I do and only him deserves all the glory and forever he remains my father.

Appreciating his lovely wife for spending her resources to help him;

Secondly, I will like to thank my wife who stood by me in this challenging time despite the odds sleeplessness nights, my harshness towards her out of frustration even at some point I lost hope, she still had the cause to stand by me, counsel me, encourage me, pray for me, spend her own resources for before it came out to the media, I thank her so much and I owe my life to her.

Appreciating the media;
The next set of people I want to thank is the media. I came into this country on Wednesday, 15th of November, thinking I could sneak into my house but I was cut up at the airport by some fans who had a photograph of me and went online to announce my arrival. My original plans was to break this news in the media because this news came to the media first and they saved my life by announcing it to the world, so I intended bringing the good news first to the media but like they say, “ a Golden fish has no hiding place” I was seen and the news slipped but I want to use the opportunity to thank the media for all they have done for me despite the millions I got from people, “I wouldn’t have gotten it if you guys did not break the news, I owe you lot.” I thank you sincerely for coming to my aide, especially Juliet aka Super woman, she was the first person I called and she ran to my house with Charles Nwagbara, Tony Nwane and other journalists early in the morning to my house and they saw the condition of the state I was and they told me immediately that I cannot handle it that I need to break the news. At first I thought it was something I could handle with my family and some of my friends but they told me there was no way I could handle that unless Nigerians and my fans are called into it. Thank God I listened to them particularly Super Woman, in fact, let me make it clear that the picture you guys saw sitting on the hospital bed was done and released by Super Woman. She was the first person that released the picture and it went viral. I thank her so much and I will repeat it again, I owe the media a lot of gratitude.

I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate what you guys have been doing in the past in my whole career, you have always been there for me, protected me and I have not had the opportunity to appreciate you guys and this medium is the best way I can say thank you, I can say for me, I am one of the most favoured celebrity in the whole world when it comes to the media, thank you so much, I appreciate you.

He reveals the man of God that came to his rescue in person of Apostle Suleiman Johnson

I also want to thank in a big way, the person I call my God sent, the person that at the last minute when I was trying to raise few thousand of pounds to travel to start my treatment immediately , I got to know him through a colleague of mine and he responded and he took over all my medical bills, I did not say some I mean all my medical bills, he asked me to leave immediately to the United kingdom, he made arrangement for my accommodation being paid, my transportation was made available, he made sure I was fed well, he made sure I had assistance who showed me round the UK and he made sure I had spending money and he even came to London to visit me to make sure I was okay and he was ready to pay for a kidney transplant if need be but to God be the glory, there was no need for that and I am talking about Apostle Suleiman Johnson. I want to thank him so much for what he has done, he came all the way to the UK to see me, he took care of all my medical bills and told me to stop the campaign that he will take care of everything and he did not stop at that he just took care of everything, I owe him a lot as a matter of fact, I started calling him daddy without even knowing when I even started it because he was a father figure and he foot all my bills and made sure not my bills alone and that I was very comfortable in the UK. He made sure I had families that was taking me round like I was a tourist and not someone with a medical case and I really appreciate God for him that God heard my prayers and sent him to me, I want to appreciate you papa so much, it’s only God that can pay you back for what you have done for me. I never heard of his ministry, Omega Fire Ministry, until the day he called me himself on the phone that he heard about my case and he wanted to take over, thank you o much sir.

He also disclosed that Chief Ateke Tom played a vital role in his life too;

I also want to thank a vibrant man, everyone calls him a father, he has a man of the people, he is an activist, strong man known everywhere, he started all these battle in the person of Comrade Ateke Tom. He first noticed I was not looking good, he got worried and he gave me quarter of a million to go run a comprehensive test and find out what was wrong with me and get back to him that was when I went to have a comprehensive test and it was discovered that I had CKD, immediately I returned to him and told him what was the problem, he gave me half a million to start treatment and to prepare for my traveling abroad for full treatment. I started dialysis, I called him and I told him I have started treatment, he sent me another half a million and to start processing my visa so I can leave the country before I now met Apostle Suleiman, daddy, I thank you so much, he held onto the battle, he made sure I was up and doing, I thank him so much Comrade Ateke Tom.

How the whole miracle healing started for him;

This is another big thanks going out to my fans and Nigerians at large. I want to announce to you here that there was at no point that I lacked any kind of treatment that I needed but here and abroad. I was on dialysis for three times a week for over two months, I was seeing different consultants both here and Babcock University in Ogun state, I was being moved in Ambulances, I was under special diet, I was admitted couple of times, all these bills were not an issue because you all there were responding. I never imagined the love, it was so much that I was crying and people thought I was in pain but no, I was crying because I was overwhelmed by the love I was getting. I never lacked, I was given hope, at a point I was receiving phone calls, messages, different kind of things, it gave me courage that a lot of guys out there still want me to live people want m to live, my fans want me to live, Nigerians still have hope in me, so why can’t I have hope in myself, that was the time I decided to fight the battle, I stood my ground that I was not going to die and you can see the result of the battle. Thank you all so very much.

I thank my family for the vigil they conducted all because of me, my pastors, they did a great work at Mountain of Fire, as a matter of fact, they had to be taken away from Lagos for a whole week so they can concentrate and pray and fast to seek the face of God before I left for the UK and God heard their prayers. God heard their prayers in the sense that the day I arrived the UK, the first medical visit I heard at my residence I was told they will have to prepare me for a transplant within six months, I have to be prepared, they don’t just do it in the UK like that, I have to be prepared and I have to look for a donor myself, I have to foot the bills for the donor, both treatment and compensation for the donor, so I was heartbroken because it was a new chapter but to the glory of God, the second medical visit I had, it was put on hold, everything was put on hold, I was now placed under intensive observation and series of test was going on, checks were going on and I got the good news that the kidney has been stabilized as they progressed, the news turned to that the kidney has started to pick up. I then asked the head of thee medical team, a female professor, Margret Johnson; I asked what about the transplant, are we going to put it on hold? She said the medical team is no more talking about the transplant that the kidney has stabilized and they were surprised it’s picking up, so what they were going to place me on more observation to see what is going on because they are confused. So they did an ultra scan and series of other tests and it was proved that thing in the kidney has been taken care of , my blood level had risen up, everything is fine and the kidney is functioning well, I give God the glory for that news and I was asked to remain for couple of months for further observation, I stayed just one month and I asked that I wanted to go back home because I was beginning to feel fine so a complete test was carried out again and they broke the news that there has been about 5% improvement in the rate of the function of the kidney and I was discharged to go home but to come for medical checkup every three months for the three years before I can be certified 100% fit. So I give God the glory for the miracle he did in my life. This is to announce to Nigerians that I did not have a kidney transplant, it was a miraculous healing and it can only be God.