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Singer, May D Blast Those Calling him Thief

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Be careful when you jump up as celebrity that one person looks like you and the likes because when trouble starts, that happiness might go soar and singer, May D is already a victim.

Trouble is currently booming for singer, May D, after a bounty of N70,000, was placed on a thief that stole camera in Abuja and within split of time, the singer’s name was tagged in the picture of the thief.

May D has come out to state that there are some things he cannot joke with and for his name being dragged into such ugly incident is so pathetic.

In his words, “It has come to my notice that I am now a camera thief and 70k is placed on my head… #Awon Oloshi they just don’t want me to be great!! So I decided to post this myself because I’m tired of their bullshit, because it’s not funny though. is that what u guys wish for me? Thunder fire anybody who tags my name with this guy again because I said I hustle for the doeeee no mean say I dey carry again #Awon Oloshi.”