England coach, Fabio Capello
England coach Fabio Capello has set the tone for the World Cup with a clear mandate to his players: anything less than reaching the final will be seen as 'failure.'

Despite a difficult year in relation to backroom dramas involving off-the-pitch player allegations and the loss of John Terry's captaincy, Capello is ready to transform the fortunes of English football on the world stage.

'Do I feel pressure?] No. It's part of the game and I came here for this [to win the World Cup]. For me, not arriving in the final would be a failure,' he told La Stampa.

And he has created a power vacuum within the Three Lions group, releasing the psychological handbrake that saw previous attempts to win the World Cup screech to a dramatic halt.

Capello explained how he has made the changes.
'With psychology. Speaking plenty, establishing rules. Restoring the players' pride in wearing the shirt. When I arrived I saw players witched off, scared and without a sense of belonging. Surprised, I tightened up the bolts and imposed severity. And now the group is like cement,' he added.