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DStv Highlights_November 14

By Jennifer Ukoh

This week on DStv, ‘Say Yes to the Dress UK’ premieres on TLC Entertainment (CH 172). In 1981, David Emmanuel and his then wife Elizabeth designed possibly the world's most iconic wedding dress for Princess Diana. Now, David is about to make dress design dreams come true for a procession of brides-to-be in the first-ever British version of hit US wedding series, ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. Will any of the brides opt for a dress with more bling or a longer train than Princess Diana's? Tune in to find out from Sunday 20 November at 6:05pm.

Meanwhile, on IDx (CH) award-winning investigative presenter Chris Hansen brings his unrivalled journalistic skills and criminal insight to a ground-breaking new series, ‘Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen’, revealing some of America's most shocking murders. Through extraordinary access to key witnesses, survivors, neighbours and law enforcers, Hansen's trademark excellence in getting subjects to open up will guide the viewer through every twist and turn of an enthralling, unfolding criminal drama. He pieces together the parts of a criminal jigsaw by visiting the scene of the crime and uncovering never-before-seen archive material. Starts Monday 14 November at 8pm.

For more great content this week, see below:
Sicario: The secret war on drugs takes centre stage in this action fuelled crime drama. An FBI agent (Emily Blunt) works with a task team that crosses the moral line to fight the cartels. Airs on Sunday 20 November at 7:05pm

Joyful Noise: Sundays have just become even more inspirational! This new one-hour American gospel music show honours BET’s commitment to offering more original programming. Hosted by two time

Grammy winner Tye Tribbett, the contemporary show has performances by major gospel superstars and

newcomers in front of a live studio audience. Energetic sermons by pastors raise the roof and powerful personal testimonials and man-on-the-street interviews, by radio host Willie Moore Jr, bring a fresh perspective. Premieres on Sunday 20 November at 11:15am

Born this Way: The series, which won in the category of Outstanding Unstructured Reality, shines a light on a group of seven young adults who are seldom seen on television: young men and women with Down’s Syndrome. It reveals how they interact with their families, friends and communities, some of whom know each other and others who will meet for the first time, as they work, play and interact with important people in their lives. Each cast member has personal challenges that they face, challenges that everyone can relate to. Mondays from 14 November at 7pm.

Teenage Newlyweds: In Teenage Newlyweds, Lifetime® documents three teen couples as they begin their lives together using self-generated footage, video diaries and journals. Halie and George, both members of the Mormon Church, met while he was a missionary and were engaged after only a few short months of dating. Brenda and Travis were set-up on a blind date while attending college and sparks flew immediately, despite clashing beliefs and values. Smalltown high school sweethearts, Emma and Joey have vastly different career aspirations, but are determined to make their marriage work. Universal life stages are explored across the series as viewers watch the three couples work through issues most couples today tackle when they are older and wiser. Fridays from 18 November at 7:50pm.

Ink, Paper, Scissors: Atlanta’s exclusive clientele, including celebrities, rappers and athletes, call on Salon Ramsey for all their beauty needs. The salon has five outlets, but the flagship store receives the most VIP

customers. Competition for clients is fierce at this one-stop shop. With over 100 talented hairstylists, nail technicians and tattoo artists, who work together around the clock, a small tiff can quickly turn into a big blowout. Tune in and follow the inner workings of one of the hottest celebrity grooming bars in the city. Premieres Monday 21 November at 6pm.

TLC Entertainment
My Giant Life (S2): Follow the stories of six women who stand at six-feet six-inches and above, and are seemingly too tall for the average-sized world. This season chronicles the challenges these women face, ranging from performing everyday tasks to being noticed for their extraordinary height. From dating difficulties to simply going out in public without stares, the stories in each episode get to the heart of what it means to live life a foot taller than the average female. From Tuesday, 15 November at 8:50pm.

Iyanla Fix My Life - Fix My Secret Affair: In this episode Iyanla attempts to help a couple work through resentment and save a marriage tormented by a shocking secret. In “Fix My Secret Affair,” Iyanla is outside of Detroit supporting Felisha and Don, a husband and wife in breakdown because of anger, lies and Don’s secret online emotional affair. After a car accident the couple was involved in that left Felisha feeling bitter and resentful, Don and Felisha open up to Iyanla about the night that left Don unhurt and Felisha with two broken legs. Airs on Sunday 20 November at 7pm.

Disney Junior
Loopdidoo: Everyone’s favourite dog is back this month with 10 new episodes of Loopdidoo.

Join Loopdidoo and friends on some more fun, wacky adventures with 10 brand new episodes. Find out what mischief the gang are getting up to now during the Playtime with Disney Junior block. Airs from Friday 14 November at 11am.

Zee World
The Urban Cook: Life in a big city unravels at a frenetic pace and cooking becomes a tedious task. You can order out, but doing so regularly takes a toll on both your health and pocket. Join Chef Saby on the Urban Cook, who understands the snags of fast-paced life, brings you a range of recipes designed to suit your lifestyle. He will show you how to handle new age kitchen equipment and stock up your house and fridge for some sumptuous one pot meals. Tune in Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm.

Healthy but Tasty: Chef Ranveer whips up low-calorie versions of popular dishes that you can indulge in, without the guilt. With everyone going crazy about fitness, times are such that health food has become the staple diet of the fitness-conscious way. Now you can enjoy recipes made out of local, seasonal ingredients that aren't just high on the healthy side, but tickles your taste buds too. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30pm.

Ram Lakhan (Movie): A women swears revenge when her husband is killed by his evil and wealth seeking family. Her pawns to do so, are her two sons, Ram and Lakhan. Tune in Sunday 20 November at 7pm.

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