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Doing my Own Movies Has Shown My Creativity Than Working for Someone…AY

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Popular Nigerian comedian cum actor and producer, Ayo Makun better known as AY, has disclosed that the reasons why he decided to do his own movies is because he is always limited to certain scripts which cannot let him infuse his own creativity.

Ay while speaking with PlanetTV, stated that he keeps getting lots of scripts on his table and having done about five movies he noticed that he was not having the feel of what he really wanted to pass across.

He noted that having the freedom to make his own movie has helped him to tell his story the way he wants it to be and has made things free for him without being binded by anyone.

“I have a lot of scripts on my table but because I have a target I did about 4-5 which I really didn’t feel because that inner joy of you wanting to do something wasn’t just there. When I look at those scripts, sometimes I am limited, I can’t bring my own creativity, I can’t infuse my own tonic, it doesn’t give me the vibe but I freer when I do my own stuffs which is what I did in '30days in Atlanta' and 'A Trip to Jamaica',” he said.