Singer, Runtown Gives Life to Christ, Quits Smoking Marijuana

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

It is not easy making some decisions in life especially when one knows what he or she has to give up and that is what possibly is going through the mind of singer, Runtown.

The singer took many of his fans by surprise as he announces that he has just quit smoking Marijuana, making his fans know that it has not been his strenght but God’s mercies upon his life.

He is not the only entertainer that take such but he felt his success and progress story should be known by his fans and to see that he is ready to emrace a new way of life.

According to him, “Today is the day the Lord has made, 4/11.16, the day I quit smoking Marijuana.”

Though such decidions are not that easy, but with determination and prayer, one is always able to over come it. With this latest development, it is hoped that he will also slow down on drinking.