Having Confidence and Keeping It

By Melanie Miller

There are a lot of folks that have very little confidence about themselves. They listen to comments made about them and critisim and they should not listen to other people's bad comments about them, or him or her.

You can gain confidence by looking into your bathroom or bedroom mirror or look into any mirror at home, preferably, and tell yourself, that you are someone, and tell yourself the pros about yourself, not the cons about yourself. There are different ways to gain your confidence, such as...find a suitable hobby and stick with it, rather it be making crafts, sketching, painting, sewing clothes, anything will help out, and you can see for yourself that you can do something worthwhile. Even volunteering is an option here, such as read to elderly people in a nursing home, or babysitting for free. You don't always have to be paid, you can help a sick person out, by brining their food to them, propping their feet on a pillow, or leg, and you can turn on the TV for them. Do lots of things to help avoid bad feelings about yourself. Once you see that you can do many tasks, then you will gain respect and more confidence about your self...but their are many people that do not feel anything will help them out and they turn to medication and sometimes, medication will help them, so I am not knocking this rule out. I know of many people on medication for bi-polar of for depression, many of my friends are religious too, and still take medicine, and this does not make one a bad person or persons or anything like this nature.And if you need medication, as your doctor may prescribe it for you, then by all means take it, and see if it will help your depression or illness you may have. If you feel it is not helping you much, then speak to your doctor about this. Anyways, you can do loads of things to help you through your depression, in the meantime, you can rake leaves for a neighbor, or mow their yard, shovel their snow from their driveway and walk way. There are so many wonderful things you can do. You can donate clothing or cash to a Red Cross, such as I do and still do, during the holidays. You can become a member of an organization, or help with someone chores, just to get your mind off things, that upset you. All in all..you need to have a hobby and this will help ease your troubles. I write poetry and stories in my spare time and find it enjoyable and relaxing, and I sew doll dresses by hand, and work on puzzles as well. See you can find hobbies that are time consuming and enjoyable and if you can not find the time to do, all these things, then read a good book at night time, about half an hour before going to bed. You may sleep better too. You can always watch TV with a friend and color pictures from a coloring book. But all and all, be happy, and stay true to yourself. If you get to feeling lonesome or depressed, you can seek a councelor for this, and maybe he or she can tell you things to do, to occupy your time, that I may have not listed here in my article. Well..I hope my article was of some help, and if you need friend(s) to talk to about your problems, then do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and call them up, they may just cheer you up, and you can always say, how much you value their friendship..so go on a picnic with them, or read a poetry book to one another, anything that will take your mind off things that are bothering you. Well folks, thanks for reading this story, and if you need people to talk to, just do it, don't think about it, just find a person to talk to, to walk with in the park, go to a safe place like church to make friends, and you will see life in a better perspective or light. Life will turn around for the best for you, you will see, and you may be thankful for the little things life has to offer...friends for one and family as well. Just be yourself is the main thing here, and know that others love and care for you, this will help you understand that your not alone and that their are others in your same situation or worse, that lost a home, their job, have no food, or shelter, so if you do not have to deal with this, situations at hand, be grateful for the little things in life.

the end...