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Nigerian and Cameroonian artistes seem to be leading the way in projecting solution to the lingering border dispute between both countries, as they preach tolerance and the virtue of love and forgiveness in the soon to be released collaborative effort between Nigerian and Cameroonian artistes called “Before the Sunrise”.

“Before the Sunrise” is a story of the power of love over that of hatred, ethnic considerations and vengeance. The story is centred on two very powerful and influential wealthy men. When powerful Monsieur fongang, played by Zack Orji, shoots his agelong sworn enemy, Chief Eno, played by veteran actor, Olu Jacobs, an equally very powerful and influential member of his tribe, he knew that his attempted elimination of Chief Eno would bring his daughter together with the enemy's son.

In the course of the heat, controversy and tension generated by the attempted murder, Monsieur Fongang's daughter, Gorelli, played by Dakore Egbuson, met Chief Eno's son, Gilbert, and played by Cameroonian Ivan Nname. What started as hatred and despise later developed into full blown love affair to the consternation of not just the parents but their respective tribes.

Though the love affair grew in the midst of the whirlwind of enmity, the cultural differences between their tribes did not help their relationship. Suddenly, a gloom descends upon both families and darkness took over the land as father battles son and daughter is drawn against her father. There is despair but can love survive before the “ Sunrise”.

Before the “ Sunrise”, according to the producer and director of the movie, Fred Amata, “is a way of telling the authorities that there is virtue in war. That tribalism and ethnic bigotry are vices that do no good. It is a pointer to our leaders that there is more virtue in dialogue than fighting. I wish Nigerian and Cameroonian leaders that take a clue from this and settle the Bakassi rift amicably. What we have done is to demonstrate that the ordinary people of both countries are, despite the tension between both countries, we are still brothers and collaborating with each other.”

The movie parades such Nollywood bid weights such as Olu Jacobs, Zack Orji, Dakore Egbuson, Emma Ayalogu, Fred Amata and Cameroonian artistes such as Ivan Nname and Goretti Falefa. The movie was directed and produced by veteran producer, Fred Amata and it will be marketed by Nollywood Blockbusters Ltd. It will be distributed through the 850 post offices throughout the country and Sweet Sensation outlets.