DESTINY NWADIRE: Turns 18, Unveils DNA BY ICONIC INVANITY SS 17 ready to wear collection at Lagos Fashion and design week 2016


We caught up with the young busy CEO in London to find out what she has been up to since the debut of her 1st collection at LFDW15 and what turning 18 means to her.

Sync: Hello Destiny, lovely to see you again, you are all grown up! You celebrated your 18th birthday, turning 18 means different things to different people, what does turning 18 mean to you?

Destiny: I'm excited to turn 18, turning 18 means many things to me. I am eligible to vote; which means that i have a voice and can impact on issues that young people face. Having said that however, turning 18 comes with great responsibilities and pressures of real life. This means making wise decision, seeking for guidance from God and my family.

Sync: What inspired you to follow your mum's foot steps and go into fashion design business at such a young age.

Destiny: My mum. (smiles) Iconic Invanity started as a family project, where by Mum worked from home. My sister and I were very much around and witnessed the activities involved in building Iconic Invanity.

Often times when mother was busy working, we experimented with creating all sorts including paintings, drawing, cutting, bead work etc. Creativity became part of our household, it was quite natural to choose Art and textile as part of my GCSE subjects and then Art for A levels.

Sync: Talking about A levels, is that what you are currently studying? And how do you manage your study time, and still have time to over see the creative process?

Destiny: Yes, I'm currently doing my AS2 and will be going to university next year to study Bsc. Psychology. To be honest, it can be challenging and overwhelming at times however I'm lucky in a sense that I have the full support of my mum who is my mentor, I have a strong and pretty good family support which I'm grateful for. It does however mean that I have to constantly manage my time, plan ahead and still make time grow.

Sync: You are showing at Lagos Fashion and design week on Friday the 27th, tell me about the collection, what should we expect from DNA by Iconic Invanity.

Destiny: I'm an Art student currently studying A'levels Art. I have developed several techniques in painting, drawing and sculpturing so far which has enabled me to add some of these elements into collection. Inspired by Glitch Art, the interplay of embroidery and beadwork seen throughout the collect signifies the influence of the digital age in fashion.